White Glove Service for Main Street Investors

Coordinating a team of professionals to manage the key parts financial world

Family Office Lite™

We take all the complexity of planning your taxes, investment, estate, and health insurance and make it simple, cohesive, and coordinated.

For certain qualifying clients, we may pay local attorneys, CPAs, and insurance specialists to deliver critical counsel that adds key elements to your overall financial plan.

You can gain confidence and rest in your financial life and keep your plan moving steadily forward.

Taxes. Investments. Estate plans. Health insurance.

Each area is complex and impacts the others, but professionals have historically done little to coordinate with areas outside their discipline.

Why “Family Office?”

Where did the idea for family office wealth management come from?

John Rockefeller set up the first family office. Rockefeller’s fortune warranted hiring a dedicated team of accountants, real estate managers, attorneys, investment managers, and concierge specialists. The family office managed all the areas involved in the family’s wealth.

We call our offering Family Office Lite™ because our clients rarely need foundation management, real estate management, or concierge services.
We focus on delivering the primary components of the family office:

Financial Planning
Tax Planning
Estate Planning

This creates more space to allow you to do what you love.

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If you’re ready to think beyond money, let’s talk.

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